• DIY: Feathered Shoes

    feathered-shoes-diy-missguided_20150530_1095So I am starting a new series on the blog because I have kept saying for years I wanted to mess around with my shoes and never did it so I’m finally biting the bullet. After looking for feathered shoes and failing, I decided to make some myself and I’m in love with how they came out. I made a little video for you to follow and try yourself if you’ve been eyeing feathered shoes like me!

    Check it out and let me know what you think! And thanks for always stopping by and listening to little ‘ol me. xoxox


    SHOES  ($25)

    in BLACK

    (This is the color I got but they offer many colors if you want to try another color shoe. only $1.70)

    Glue gun and glue sticks



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