• Diner En Blanc

    20150827_1824 20150827_1863 20150827_1889 20150827_1906 20150827_1943 20150827_1951 20150827_2004You know the moment you just throw something together not thinking about it and it turns out really cute? I had this moment the other night while attending Diner en Blanc. Now let me tell you about this epic dinner that took over all of Pershing Square in LA where 2600 people wore all white and had a massive picnic in the park. We sat at a table courtesy of Celebrity Cruises, dined on seafood salad, and listened to live music while everyone drank, danced, and was merry (no seriously everyone really was merry). It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done since moving to LA. At first I was like what is this a cult?! because we all meet in one spot and the location is not revealed until just minutes before it starts and there are so many rules because you have to be in head to toe white and everything brought to the picnic must be white. Apparently it is a tradition that started in France and they have taken it to every continent. And it was not cult like at all lol it was MAGICAL.

    and Wearing: Akira top, Missguided pants, Missguided blazer, Ted Baker clutch




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