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    20151205_230320151205_244520151205_239920151205_2317 20151205_241220151205_253320151205_2544There comes a time in your late twenties when you realize, I’m a grown woman. Not only in the physical sense but mentally. I have to say comparing myself to my early twenties to now, I am so much more aware of myself, much more confident, and much much braver than I’ve ever been. It’s a nice feeling to start to feel comfortable in your skin and it definitely starts to show on the outside as well. Every year I get older I am embrace who I am more and accept it instead of trying to change it. It’s honestly a beautiful feeling.

    But back to being a grown women. It’s ok to be and feel sexy, I believe in being tasteful about it and that’s what I really love about Designer Intimates lingerie. Believe me it can get bad fast but when you mix class and little bit of sexy, I think it always goes right.

    Wearing: Designer Intimates bodysuit and robe



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