• Dear Diary, You Can Be Happy…

    missenocha_2355 You can be happy for someone without being sad for yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. I have so many friends hitting milestones in their personal lives that I thought I would be closer to by now but every time I think about how it makes me feel, I don’t feel sad. I feel happy for them, and hopeful for me. That was their timing and their journey and my path and journey are different. And when things align for me I know it will be perfect, all in God’s timing.


    So if you thought you were supposed to be married right now with babies and a billion dollars. It’s ok that you’re not. Milestones come to you when they are supposed to and actually sitting around sulking makes them come even slower.


    So everyday wake up knowing your milestone is coming soon. And smile about it.


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