• Dear Diary: The Toughest Part About Being A Creative


    Dear Diary,

    I have to say the toughest part about being a creative person is the constant encounters where you have to justify your dreams and people speaking to you in a condescending belittling way.

    This is why it takes very thick skin to be successful in the creative world.

    The one thing I admire most about where I grew up is the one thing I actually dislike the most too. North-east coast’s biggest pride is education. Many of the top schools in the country reside there and it’s a breeding ground for traditional career paths. Problem with that is when you choose a “not so traditional” career path many people don’t get it and in turn sometimes unknowingly and sometimes “jokingly” belittle it.

    “Oh you’re still singing?” “Oh you’re still doing that blog thing?” “All she does is look pretty.” Words I’m constantly bombarded with when I step off the plane into the stuffy East coast air. They assume I don’t have my life together, they assume I’m all over the place or not where I “should be” for my age but the truth is I probably made more money doing one gig than they do in a week. (throws the shade)

    Yes, I chose a career path that is untraditional, yes I chose the zig zag path instead of the straight and narrow, yes it’s taken me “longer” than if I had chosen something more traditional as a career but that does not by any means make me an unstable struggling human who is lost.

    At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that I am happy and doing what I love and even though things are not working out exactly how I planned I’ve learned to follow God’s plan and not to question it so much.

    So here’s the thing (in my Kevin Hart voice), we creatives chose the hardest path of all. The path that has no guarantees and no one way to travel which makes getting to the destination that much more difficult. But at the end of the day, I’ve never met a successful creative person who hasn’t sacrificed for what they love. I sacrificed the steady paycheck, but I’ve gained so much more and my life is so much more fulfilling and to me that’s true success.

    Basically although I have to admit people’s belittling comments sting. They try to mask it behind jokes but there’s always truth in that as we all know. But a.) I’m learning to separate from those kind of people who unknowingly bring me down instead of build me up and b.) when I think about going down any other road I can’t imagine it and that’s how I know I did the right thing for me. And as long as I’m happy with that, screw everyone else and their damaging (potentially jealous filled) comments.

    My goal is to not buy a house get married and have 2.5 kids. Yes those are plans I have in life but my ultimate goal is to change the world. To influence others for the greater good. To spread love, encouragement, positivity and courage. Courage to take the path that’s in your heart even when people will judge you for it. And those my friends are intangible things, the things small minded and near sighted people can not see. So the next time we look at someone’s creative path and we can’t quit seem to understand it, let’s just accept that maybe it’s not for us to understand and let’s not discourage one another from our own uniques paths.

    The End.



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