• Day To Night With Zevia

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    Ok so I have a confession. I LOVE soda. But I don’t drink it that often because of all the sugar and if there’s one thing I don’t do is artificial sugar so diet anything is out of the question for me! Insert Zevia. It’s a naturally sweetened zero calorie soda and I just recently got hooked. It has a light taste and I feel so guiltless drinking it. If there’s one thing the people around me know is that I always carry around my pink water bottle with me and for the past few days I’ve been throwing a Zevia in my bag too!

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    Here’s a run through of my day. On average I wake up go to the gym and then come home and answer emails, film a video or edit photos then get ready for the day. I’ll either shoot that day or meet a friend for lunch or have a business meeting. Many days are spent shopping for my DIY projects.

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    At night there’s almost always and event happening so I like to be able to wear something that goes from day to night. Throw on a trench and heels and were good most of the time.

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    Sponsored by Zevia

    Wearing: Missguided crop top, leggings and trench, LaModa backpack

    And in my car throughout the day along with my water now is a Zevia. But seriously if you love soda like me but are weary about the sugar, you should try it!




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