• Day 16: 4 Things To Remember When Pursuing Your Dreams



    Currently going through ebbs and flows of navigating my new found freedom and of course doubting myself always seems to pop up. Not so much doubting if I can do it but more so just getting bogged down by how long everything is taking. Like shouldn’t I have been famous 10 years ago?! But its just a constant reminder to shift my thoughts to focus on how far I’ve come and not to always focus on not being where I want to be.

    I know we hear it time and time again but it’s so important to be grateful for what’s going on RIGHT NOW in your life. Somewhere out there someone wishes they were in your position where you are right now in this very moment. So while your striving for greater remember you are still great right now. I’m fully aware I’m talking to myself in this moment too.

    So I’ll take a minute to pat myself on the back for coming this far. I still have far to go but as long as I’m progressing that’s all that matters.

    On that note I found an amazing article listing 4 things to remember when pursing your dreams. Check it out HERE.



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    1. Dominika
      15th May 2016 / 2:44 pm

      So true Miss Enocha! Btw everything in we always have to be greatful to God for all we have and for were we are. Nice writeup plus links, thankyou for sharing.

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