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    photo-6I’m currently in the awkward stage of trying to pack while still keeping out all the things I need to live with for the next couple days. Therefore, not really packed at all :-/. As I sit in my mess and think I can’t help but be excited and sad at the same time to head back to LA. On one hand, I have a studio awaiting me to record my album and an amazing team assembled by my manager that I am SO excited to start working with. And on the other hand, the dynamics of me heading back will be a bit different in ways I’m not that ecstatic about either. You can try to convince yourself that change is good and change is necessary and I agree with this to many extents but what about changes you don’t want to happen? That’s when you are really tested to follow God’s plan. You can try to make something work until it doesn’t, then you need to learn when to let go. I’m letting go so I can allow myself to have new experiences in different parts of my life and I know this year is going to be a whirlwind of amazing chaos. But with good comes bad and instead of separating the two, I’m learning to accept all parties as equal parts in life.




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