• Crown Braids

    20160410_2330 20160410_2428 20160410_2432 20160410_2449 20160410_2459 20160410_2466 20160410_2472You ever want to try a trend so bad and when you finally do your like “eh, don’t think this is for me” Thats how I feel about these brown braids. Maybe it was a failed attempt on my part, maybe I’m crazy and too critical but although I DO like them on me, but I honestly don’t LOVE them like I thought I would. Am I nuts?

    I feel like someone’s auntie haha, but the romper and shades and boots make up for it!

    Wearing: Cosette romper (Get 15% off with code ENOCHA15), Aldo boots, Zero UV sunnies,




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    1. Cheri
      3rd May 2016 / 7:35 am

      Outfit is on point! Hair looks Better than ya may think …. give a few, but feel what you mean, Nope it’s not nuts. When I don’t Love it the way I thought translates to what you said .

      Best Wishes on Resurrecting your Singing Career!

      Stay Safe, Well and Claim a Fabulous Day Enocha 🙂 peace

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