• Cotton Candy Carnival

    IMG_009520140724_missguided-palm-tree-shorts-jacket-locks-and-trinkets-walk-in-wonderland_6563IMG_0079 20140724_missguided-palm-tree-shorts-jacket-locks-and-trinkets-walk-in-wonderland_6572 20140724_missguided-palm-tree-shorts-jacket-locks-and-trinkets-walk-in-wonderland_657920140724_missguided-palm-tree-shorts-jacket-locks-and-trinkets-walk-in-wonderland_6599IMG_0080 IMG_008520140724_missguided-palm-tree-shorts-jacket-locks-and-trinkets-walk-in-wonderland_6582IMG_0101I have been to Santa Monica Pier a million times but to say that I actually ventured in a little more and paid attention to all these cute little carnival games they have set up would be a lie. I traveled out here with Cynthia whom I met through my sister and is a fellow East Coaster and current LA transplant. She mentioned Santa Monica was having a carnival and we should go. I didn’t realize she meant the Pier which I later informed her is always there! lol

    Seeing it through her eyes made me realize that it is kind of cool that there’s an ongoing carnival vibe happening out here 24/7. When you’re living somewhere, you kind of loose the wonderment of your surroundings and it was a nice little reminder to appreciate your surroundings and this little Missguided palm tree jacket and shorts set couldn’t have been more perfect for the day. I may pass here all the time but somewhere out there there are so many people wishing they could visit Santa Monica Pier.

    Wearing: Missguided palm tree bomber, Missguided palm tree shorts, Zero UV sunnies, Sixty Seven platform sneakers



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