• Comfydence Under It All

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    The most important thing to me when dressing is what I’m wearing underneath my clothing. I hate the feeling of a tight bra or underwear that digs into you. I like it to feel as if I’m wearing nothing underneath and I don’t even want to think twice about it as I go throughout my day. That’s why I’m so glad to be working with Hanes because I really love their products. I used to opt out of a bra altogether because I think they are so uncomfortable but the Hanes’ bras literally feel like wearing a t-shirt. This time around I got to play with some different styles that I’ve really fallen in love with. You ever realize how much taller you walk when you feel confident and most importantly when you are comfortable in what you are wearing? The feeling of not needing to check yourself or having to readjust your undergarments is the best feeling in the world and something Hanes calls Comfydence. That way I can focus on work and getting things done instead of worrying about how I look.

    The Hanes Ultimate ComfortBlend T-shirt Natural Lift Wirefree Bra is  made with super soft ComfortBlend fabric and feels as comfortable as a t-shirt! I love that its wire free so you don’t have the discomfort that wire bras can sometimes give. It has a flexible light lift and the foam cups give you a natural shape. The ComfortFlex Fit fabric allows it to easily flex to mold to your shape. And it has no tag! I hate tags, I’m always ripping them off!The Comfort Cotton Brief Panties are super soft and I love the high waist. Perfectly goes under my dresses and skirts. The cotton is pre-shrunk so the fit will remain the same after washing. And I’m always up for a good cotton panty.

    The ComfortBlend T-Shirt Wirefree Bra has to be my favorite so far. It has no lining or padding so it’s really easy and comfortable to wear. It also has Cool Comfort fabric which keeps you cool all day and has ComfortFlex Fit which allows it to shape to you and get the perfect fit! You can also make the straps into a racerback. Even though it isn’t padded it does have a two ply lining which helps with coverage. 

    The ComfortSoft Bikini panties are amazing for everyday wear. The soft blended fabric stretches and moves with you and the Cool Comfort fabric wicks away moisture keeping you cool and dry which is so important especially with this lingering summer weather. My favorite part is the ComfortSoft covered waist and leg bands that help the panties to not dig or pinch. 

    The ComfortBlend T-Shirt Underwire Bra has built in concealing petals that prevent show through under any fabric. This has to be the most comfortable underwire bra I’ve ever worn. It helps provide all day support and has comfort stretch that allows it to stay in place. I also love that it wicks away moisture to keep you cool.

    These Cool Comfort Women’s Hi-Cut panties are everything! The Cool Comfort microfiber fabric wicks away moisture but also feels super soft against your skin! The hi cut leg is SUPER flattering and the waistband doesn’t pinch and is seamless under clothing. 

    So who doesn’t love a pair of white panties. I can’t believe I’ve never owned a pair before. These Comfort Cotton Women’s Hipsters  come in a bunch of other colors too. They are made of super soft cotton with legs that don’t ride up. They have a lower waist with moderate coverage and full back coverage so they’re perfect to wear under summer clothes like short skirts, shorts, or low rise jeans.

    This long-sleeve top with back lace detail from Hanes is also ridiculously comfortable. I wear it long or knotted all around the house. I LOVE having comfy things to wear around the house especially since I work from home.

    Ever since I’ve been wearing my Hanes underwear I’ve literally never thought twice about being uncomfortable when I’m out. There is seriously something so freeing about feeling comfortable. I know I keep saying it but I didn’t even realize how it played such a major role in how I felt everyday until I switch up my undergarments. According to Hanes, Comfydence is a feeling of self assurance arising from ones most comfortable outfit” and thanks to Hanes I feel “comfydent” everyday! #BeComfydent



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