• Color Burst

    IMG_2409_9069 IMG_2414_9074 IMG_2416_9076IMG_2419_9079 IMG_2421_9081IMG_2417_9077 IMG_2429_9089 IMG_2435_9095If you want to sum up the feeling of LA then stand in front of one of these murals. One of these hundreds maybe thousands of murals littered across the entire city that give it so much charm and character. Every city has its graffiti, but in LA it truly is art….every one I spot more interesting than the next. xx

    Wearing: ZeroUV sunglasses, Persunmall Looney Tunes top, River Island Skirt, Sixty Seven platform sneakers

    p.s. I had a rather unhealthy obsession with Tweety bird when I was a child, I’m pretty sure I literally had Tweety EVERYTHING.



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