• Combatting Dry Skin With Clarins SOS Comfort Mask

    Sponsored by Clarins, all opinions are my own.

    This winter has my skin all types of dry. I suffered from dry skin since I was a kid with eczema on my face and even had to use medication. With age I no longer have eczema but under extreme weather conditions (aka cold dry weather), my dry skin creeps back on another level.

    On top of that, this winter I was also traveling a lot which can also do a number on your skin, so by the time I got back home to the States my face was not having it. I tried all types of lotions and moisturizers yet still I was left with flaky skin that felt so dry. When I was sent the Clarins SOS Comfort Mask with mango butter it was seriously in the knick of time. I was about to give up and just continue putting lotion on 3 times a day and wait until I was back in California hoping that weather would help, but the Clarins SOS masque ended up being a lifesaver!

    I left it on for about 10 minutes and then wiped it off with a cotton swab soaked in lotion (except I used coconut oil) The moment I wiped it off with my coconut oil filled cotton pad, my skin was instantly glowing. It gave some of it’s life back that had been dulled by this frigid winter. When I went to bed that night and woke up the next day, I notice my skin had not reverted back to it’s dry state. No more dry flaky patches.

    I’m always looking for products for my skin because if I have any problem area it’s the dryness. If you give me something hydrated I am all for it! For all my other dry girls out there. I HIGHLY recommend this masque!

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