• Chronic Nausea

    20141001_2958So I have this issue that apparently runs on my dad’s side of the family where more often than not I feel nauseous. Sometimes it’s REALLY bad and dehabilitating and most of the time it’s just something I silently carry with me unknowing of the cause. So when I got my last bad epsiode (it feels like food poisoning), I decided I needed to go to the doctor to refer me to a specialist. Now it’s been years of nausea and even as a kid I had a very sensitive stomach and I had gone to the doctor several times and they always brushed it off. But this time I made them run as many test as possible while I was home visiting.

    Every test came back negative.

    So then I started to evaluate. Maybe I should really look at what I’m eating. I try to eat very clean for the most part and only buy organic fruits, veggies, and meat. I grew up in a vegetarian household where veggies were my best friend. Because the nausea happened so frequently, I completely ruled it out as just one thing triggering it. But when the results all came back negative and the doctors told me everything looked great my whole persepctive changed.

    I decided to start focusing on the days when I don’t feel nauseous rather then focuses on the days when I do. It’s been 3 months now with no real nausea and I’m realizing its because I always focused on when I had it or anticipated getting it that I always felt sick. The mind is powerful thing let me tell ya! Now that I decided to shift my focus on the good days I’m realizing they come way more frequently then the bad days and they’re actually must be something specific that’s triggering it after all.

    It made me really understand the power of my thoughts. If I think of good I receive good and when I think of bad I get bad. So even though its constant struggle everyday that goes beyond my nausea, I’m working on thinking good thoughts all the time and finding the silver lining in the worst of situations.

    Wearing: Obey pant via Lulus.com, ASOS crop top, Stuart Weitzman “nudist” sandals




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