• Cereal Killer Cafe

    Guyssssss I found the coolest cafe ever in London! My inner 5 year old was bouncing off the walls. On a random search I came across Cereal Killer Cafe  (clever name right?!) and knew I had to come here! This cafe serves, you guess it, cereal! ALL TYPES OF CEREAL. I’m not even that huge of a cereal fan I just love places that are different. When you enter the cafe you are bombarded by walls upon walls of cereals for you to choose from. You can get a small, medium, or large size bowl and even mix cereals and add toppings. The have a variety of American cereals, British cereals and, international cereals. What’s crazy is that they even had cereals that were discontinued in America. Like my favorite, Rice Krispy Treats cereal. So you know I was super amped when I saw it on the shelf.

    Once you pick your size bowl and cereal, you choose the kind of milk. They had a bunch of milk options but naturally I chose almond milk. They serve you your cereal on a tray with the milk in a little glass milk bottle on the side.

    They also have drink options, pop tarts, and ice cream! I had to try the Stacked Hot Chocolate which is hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, cereal, hot fudge, and a chocolate wafer straw. Basically ALL THE THINGS. It was delicious and I even had to option to have it made with almond milk too which made it that much better!

    Aside from the cereal, my favorite part was the decor. It was like you entered straight into the late 80’s early 90’s bedroom of the cast of Saved By the Bell! There were colorful box crates along the walls and TV’s placed inside them and toward the back were beds with sheets from old cartoon characters and shows. The beds replaced seats with tables in between them so it kind of was like having breakfast in bed while you watched TV. They even had an old school arcade game in the back. It was an instant transport back 30 years and I was into every moment of it.

    This is by far one of the coolest places I visited in London. It’s definitely a place to check out if you come visit this city!

    Wearing: Boohoo sheer dress, Boohoo faux fur aviator coat



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