• Cashmere Love

    So as winter creeps and below freezing temperatures are around the corner, it grows increasingly hard to actually want to dress yourself other than in a huge sweater, 500 layers, and snow boots. So I’ve been trying to find ways to stay warm without that urge to throw fashion out the window. I received this cashmere sweater from Enzo Mantovani last week and I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it just about every day since. It’s definitely the warmest/coziest sweater I own at the moment. I felt like I’ve said that before about another sweater but this one trumps all prior sweaters based on comfort. And it’s perfect for layering as the days are getting colder by the second.  (Although, if I must say this is so far the warmest fall/winter we’ve had in a long time *knocks on wood)

    Gifted Enzo Mantovani sweater, American Apparel Skirt, ASOS boots

    Normally a cashmere sweater would cost an arm and a leg and a right shoe but Enzo Mantovani’s simple cashmere line is super affordable and can be found at any local Costco store or online HERE




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