• Cape Cod

    Miss Enocha Electric Frenchie_7308 Miss Enocha Electric Frenchie_7311 Miss Enocha Electric Frenchie_7313 Miss Enocha Electric Frenchie_7316 Miss Enocha Electric Frenchie_7319 Miss Enocha_7323 Miss Enocha_7326 Miss Enocha_7443 Miss Enocha_7544 Miss Enocha_7554 Miss Enocha_7556 Miss Enocha_7561I know I’ve been going on and on about this place and how peaceful and beautiful it is, and I hope I was able to capture even a small amount of what I’m talking about in these photos. We had a great time catching up with our cousins and celebrating my Dad’s birthday and we caught it just in time before it got too cold. Another great weekend spent….Until next year!





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