• Camden Market And A Search For Curry

    Yesterday we ventured out to Camden Market and guess what I found?! A jeweler who hand designs his sterling silver jewelry. You know I love collecting rings so I was so excited. I bought a ring from him, and he said I can come back and design one! It’s kind of dangerous that I found him cause I think it just added fire to my ring obsession. I love Camden just for that, you can find independent vendors selling the coolest things.

    Then we were on a hunt for curry, well Sunita wanted curry. I never was really a fan of Indian food but as I get older my palette has matured to be more open minded to different foods. We ended up on Brick Lane and went to Aladin and unfortunately I have to say it was not the greatest. I actually liked the food but the service was beyond terrible.

    The waiter dropped a whole plate of food on Sunita, and then laughed. I literally could not believe my eyes. WHO DOES THAT?! He laughed guys! Laughed!!! Please do not go there if you ever come to London, they were beyond rude and they didn’t even apologize really or offer us anything for dropping the food.

    Brick Lane was recommended to Sunita by multiple people of where to find good curry so maybe we just went to the wrong place?

    The Indian restaurant was the worst but overall service in London hasn’t been the greatest, I think because they don’t work on tips they’re not constantly worried about if you need anything like the waiters in the States. Maybe it’s the places I’ve been to, but everyone is so relaxed when it comes to service and it’s just a culture shock at times. Like I can’t imagine and I pray I never have to send food back, I have no idea how that would go down out here and would rather not find out. I wouldn’t say the service is bad overall, just much different then what I’m accustomed to. This is my spoiled American side creeping out lol

    Then we met up with one of Sunita’s followers who turned out to be the sweetest and we headed to a Boxpark in Shoreditch which is a really cool spot that looks like it’s made up of shipping containers and has multiple “rooms” with a bar and different places to get all types of food. Each room has a long table where you sit with the other patrons and enjoy the company and food. I really liked the ambiance. It’s a bit out there from my apartment so I doubt I’ll be a regular but I’m glad I got to check it out!

    We ended the night on a high cause we didn’t want to repeat an ending like the night before. I really do love London but I have to say I know it’s early but LA has my heart in more then one way. I know I will end up back there but I’m happy that I’m giving myself time for this experience.

    Wearing: Zara beret, Zero Uv sunnies, Missguided jacket, Missguided jeans, Zara red boots



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    1. MJ Junior
      9th December 2017 / 4:28 am

      The trousers are to die for

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