• Bubble Sleeves

    grey thigh high boots_20160109_6318 grey thigh high boots_20160109_6323 grey thigh high boots_20160109_6327 grey thigh high boots_20160109_6354 grey thigh high boots_20160109_6370 grey thigh high boots_20160109_6386I’m a fan of details, they can make or break pretty much anything for me. From something as important as relationships to something minor like clothes, the details (the little things) can ruin everything or make it fantastic! When I find something with a stand out attribute I just have to have it and that’s exactly how I felt about this sweater. These bubble sleeves are everything!

    On another more important note, 2016 is off to a fabulous start. I’m taking control of the details of my life and just making shit happen (pardon my french) People and circumstances will make you think that there are limits in your life. But the only thing and one putting limits on you is yourself. It’s NEVER too late to do anything you want to do in this life so don’t let any one or any thing make you feel that way.


    Wearing: Akira “jetson” sweater, Light in the Box thigh high boots



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