• Brunch at Manuela

    JH2A2495 I met up with my girlies a few weekends ago to enjoy a brunch at a DTLA restaurant called Manuela. There is a little area in the Arts District that they have been developing and since Melissa and I often shoot there, we saw the start of it and had no idea what they were building. Turned out to be a little plaza with shops, an art gallery and this little gem Manuela.JH2A2511DSC03162 JH2A2514 I wanted to try Manuela since passing it nearly every time we shoot, just the ambiance alone looked really cool. If you know me then you know food is the way to my heart which is funny because before 22 I was the pickiest eater. I only liked junked food and only really ate because I had too. (Prob why I was so skinny! lol) JH2A2582 JH2A2603 JH2A2604 JH2A2605JH2A2540

    We ordered the Chilaquiles, Butter Lettuce, Grilled Avocado, And Cinnamon Churros to share and they were so good. Especially the churros (I told you I like junk food!) Of course I had to get some Matcha! Between the vibe and the food, I loved this place. Definitely somewhere I would meet my girls for brunch again and again. DSC03155

    Wearing: Akira top and jeans



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