• Boohoo #WeAreUSA

    boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1608boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1743 boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1654boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1684 boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1690boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1761 boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1801 boohoo-two-piece-outfit-kim-kardashian_20150607_1834When Boohoo reached out to share their #WeAreUSA campaign, as an American secretly wishing she was a Brit I definitely hopped on board. I wore this two piece set to stroll around Long Beach and even though it looks  a little fancy it actually was very comfortable.

    Wearing: Boohoo set, Zero UV



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