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    20160311_9912Body image is everything lately and with everyone photoshopping themselves all over the internet I can imagine its a scary time to be growing up a girl in this world. Thank God it wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I never really had body image issues, I was always a skinny girl if anything I would get made fun of for how skinny I was growing up. Up until my mid twenties, I hadn’t even gained more than 100 pounds my whole life. (I was a big baby, 9lbs!)

    But then I got hips and booty and….a gut! And I had to actually think about my body image because I choose to post it all day everyday for the world to see and for the first time I started to think about my body and COMPARE it to others (yikes!) It’s actually not a great feeling at all and I can understand why people become ill and obsess over body issues.

    This world is seriously so judgemental its hard to not get caught up in all of it. But then I look back and say: A. Im still tiny. Even if I weren’t that would be ok but how silly do I sound complaining about anyting with my body. and B: WHO CARES. If Im happy and healthy then I need to not stress about a little stomach roll and if I have a major issue then the gym is always there waiting.  I was hesitiant to post these pics cause I thought about all the things I want to fix on my body but my goodness how silly that sounds now that I’m typing it out loud. lol

    Embrace your bodies ladies. While your complaining about this and that someone out there is wishing they looked like you, never forget that.





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