• Blizzard

    tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8019tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8079tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8039 tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8064 tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8067tony-bianco-thigh-high-boots-open-toe-lace-up_8029All this snow ending up pushing back when my car got shipped to Cali so I hope I am not carless when I arrive. These photos were taken post snow storm as I was bringing my car to the truck to send it on its way. Today I’m going to spend some QT with my nephews and build a snowman, they informed me they have never done so before so I had to change that. Might as well make some good use of all this snow!

    Wearing: Locks and Trinkets jacket and skirt (25% off with code MOVE25), Zero UV sunglasses, BB Dakota coat, Tony Bianco boots, DIY Turban




    1. Anja Skrba
      21st February 2014 / 8:17 am


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