• Biking in Palm Springs

    20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9438 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9448 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9479 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9555 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9567 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9591 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9594 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9598 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9606 20140824_boohoo-jumpsuit-riding-bikes-black-fashion-natural-hair_9628We did a lot of EATING during our stay in the desert, especially frozen yogurt because that was the tastiest thing serving to keep us cool.  When I came home I actually felt a little skinnier and I couldn’t figure it out ’til know. We walked miles, swam, biked, and most of all sweated…A LOT! I’m pretty sure that served to helped, maybe I should live in the desert–it’s like a natural detox.

    Wearing: Bohoo jumpsuit

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