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    Miss Enocha_6067Miss Enocha_6053 Miss Enocha_6050During the first few days home I was a little shell shocked by everything. Like “Why am I here?” “I miss LA already” “Did I fail?” But I had to tell myself to look at the bigger picture A. It’s temporary B. I truly did need a break to regroup and refocus. Sometimes you feel like you’re taking 3 steps back when really you are moving forward in a space deeper than your consciousness. I had lost my passion for music which used to be everything to me and this was devastating. But being home for only a few weeks and talking to my manger (who is in LA) I started to get that passion back, the direction I needed to finally start making real strides towards my goal. And I honestly haven’t felt like that about anything in a long time. Just because something in your life goes on pause for little while, whether it be by choice or not, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the power to press play at any time.

    Wearing: Sunday Somewhere sunnies c/o CLDPR, ASOS hat, GStar denim jumpsuit, Zara sweater, Jeffrey Campbell “Antonio” boots c/o Solestruck




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    1. 12th October 2013 / 2:33 pm

      Sometimes you have to go around the world and back in order to take just one step forward.

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