• Because of Them We Can


    I absolutely love this campaign. It originally started just for black history month but is evolving into a book/calendars/clothing line and all of the above. I think a lot of times we take it for granted the people that really paved the way. They had to deal with all the criticism and changing times so that we are able to do it with much more ease and conviction. I know that’s probably the most cliche thing to say but when you sit and REALLY think about it, it’s a super big deal. It’s what allows me to have this blog and to pursue a music career… freely. It allows me to dream as big as I want to without feeling like I can’t do something just because of my race. It’s what allows me to overlook all the obstacles and still believe that I can do it. 


    Growing up I didn’t see a lot of people like me on television and I’m happy that each passing year my nieces and nephews get to see people that represent them in positions of power and influence. It subconsciously helps blur the color lines because yes, they still do exist ( I mean, we live in a world where Chanel Iman is told, “sorry we already booked a black girl” and um she’s a super model) and instead of whining about it I love that more and more people are working towards making it non existent through hard work and determination. And I plan on being one of them.

    Because-of-them-We-can-Richard-Pryor eunique-jones-kerry-washington Muhammad-Ali RUN-DMC wecan1 wecan3


    Because of Them,

    I will honor the sacrifices of my ancestors.

    I will believe in me.

    I will pursue my dreams.

    I will help others along the way.


    Check out their website for more information about the campaign <3





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