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    Lobby of Four Seasons O’ahu

    For the second part of our babymoon we took a quick 45 minute flight to O’ahu. O’ahu is the main island of Hawaii and has the most hustle and bustle, it’s where the capital is located. When we landed we rented a car (a jeep of course) and headed to Four Seasons O’ahu.

    Side note, if you want to guarantee a Jeep rental in Hawaii, use THIS SITE. It will find a car rental company that has a jeep and reserve it for you. If you leave it to chance when you get to the car rental place, they could possibly be out of Jeeps so don’t wing it!

    Chapel on site

    The nice thing about the Four Seasons property is that it’s located outside the hustle and bustle of the city part of the island. Last time we came here we stayed in Waikiki and it was NOT our vibe. Way too touristy and congested. Four Seasons O’ahu is located on the western coast in the perfect spot!

    We made it to the property and checked in right in time to catch the sun set from our balcony. It was so spectacular. We also loved the room, it was very spacious and felt like home right away. They were also so kind to bring a fruit platter to our room along with chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider to celebrate our babymoon. That’s the nice part of Four Seasons, they really go above and beyond to elevate your experience.

    The night we had dinner at Noe Restaurant and Italian restaurant on the property. I ordered the Lobster Spaghetti Pomodoro and Danny got the Short Rib and we started with the Braised Beef Meatballs. The portion of my dish was very large, I would say two people could easily split it but it was really good. I also got a delicious virgin drink called the Roman Gardens and Danny got the Arancia Julius. After dinner we headed back to the room and relaxed for the night.

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    The next morning we enjoyed breakfast on the property. They had a buffeet but we opted just to grab a light breakfast from the menu before heading to our private cabana to relax. I told you there was a lot of relaxing this trip!

    When we arrived at the cabana we were blown away. Not only was it all for us but it had two lounge chairs, a couch in the back, a TV, and a fridge stocked with drinks. It far exceeded our expectations and it was all ours for the ENTIRE DAY. You can even close the curtains if you want privacy. There is also a waiter who can serve you any specialty drinks and food items from a menu.

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    Realizing we would spend the whole day there we decided to head to our favorite food spot on the island before completely relaxing in the cabana. Aloha Shrimp located on the North Shore of the island is a MUST VISIT. We stumbled upon it our last visit randomly and it was the best random spot we ever ate at. It’s nothing fancy, just a food truck with lots of shrimp options but it is so so so so good! I always get the Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp and it of course did not disappoint per usual. Danny got his usual coconut shrimp. Next door I got a fresh coconut to drink which turned out to be the best coconut water I’ve ever had. It was a good food day for baby.

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    We headed back to the resort after and hung out in the cabana until the sun set. That night we ordered room service in our robes and watched movies. I honestly love hanging out with Danny so these moments made me so happy.

    Our last day we just ordered breakfast in the room and ate on our balcony. They gave us the top floor so we had not only the most breathtaking view but so much privacy. It was a short trip but an amazing one. Thank you to Four Seasons O’ahu for making our babymoon so amazing.

    Until next time Hawaii! We’ll be back with baby girl!



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