• Ask And Ye Shall Receive

    I’m finally back in Los Angeles and as I sit in my half furnished apartment with boxes everywhere and and a floor in desperate need of sweeping, I think to myself….IM EXHAUSTED. Traveling has it’s perks but boy does it make you tired. In just 3 short days I will pack my bags once again to a 5 day trip to Italy. I agreed to this trip before I even left for London back in the Fall and didn’t really understand that it would be right around the time I would be moving back to LA. I think to myself, what what I thinking?!

    And then I remember this is exactly what I asked for. I wanted to travel more and I wanted to get invited on trips that paid for my travel. And here I am going to Italy so I really can’t complain in the least. What’s funny is sometimes we ask God for things and then when we get them we don’t seem all that grateful. I think sometimes we don’t realize what we’re really asking for and what it entails. Nothing comes wrapped up in the pretty bow, everything has it’s pros and cons. I never realized how exhausting traveling would make me feel and  it’s made me appreciate a good nights sleep more then ever before.

    But exhaustion and all, whenever I hear a complaint about to leave my lips I say thank you. I remember to be grateful. I remember I asked for this and I embrace all the parts of it with open arms.

    What did you ask for?

    Wearing: Slaytique sweater and skirt, Zara boots, Topshop hat, Thacker bag, Zero UV sunnies




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