• Afters Ice Cream

    Today I finally saw my boo Emily since moving back to Los Angeles. My favorite part of traveling through Europe was trying out cool spots and sharing them with you guys via my blog. Now that I’m back in LA, I realized I haven’t explored the city I live in as much as I liked. Why not treat where you live like a vacation spot! I saw this ice cream place on the internet and it looked so good I texted Emily bright and early like, “let’s get ice cream!”

    I try not to eat a lot of dairy but ice cream has always been my weakness so whenever I find a cute ice cream spot I’m all for it! Afters Ice Cream is a cute little spot tucked in on Green St in Pasadena. It’s just one little booth on the side of the street but it packs A LOT of flavor.

    I got Milk and Cereal flavor and French Toast Churro ice cream topped with oreos and sprinkles. Emily got the Jasmine Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee ice cream with fruity pebble toppings. They all were beyond good! The milk and cereal ice cream was my favorite!

    They also specialize in “milk buns” which is basically and ice cream sandwiches with any topping you want inside a donut bun. That was a bit too rich for my blood but I’ll prob cave and try it another time, it looks like a heart attack but a delicious one.

    Pasadena has so many cute places in general. It’s definitely a part of the LA area that has really been growing on me. Once I start to settle down it will for sure be on the top of my lists of places to live.

    Wearing: Akira dress, Missguided hat, Boohoo boots

    Before I headed home, we stopped by KoJuice which is a juice spot that makes specialty sugar cane juice drinks. I got the Ginger Cane juice and I’m officially hooked. Another thing I’m obsessed with is ginger so I foresee me making a trip to Pasadena just for this juice. *checks internet to see if there’s one near me*

    I’m so excited to see LA in a new light. There are so many cute spots I plan to visit. It’s made being back so much more exciting! If you know of any go-to spots in LA leave them in the comments below!!




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