• Afternoon Tea At Sketch

    Guys my tea dreams have come true! If anyone knows me they know I’m a little obsessed with tea. I literally drink 3 cups a day. I’ve always wanted to be fancy and do high tea and what better place to do it then it’s origin…ENGLAND! (At least I think that’s its origin)

    I heard about Sketch a few weeks ago, but when I saw the price of high tea I was a little hesitant, at 75 pounds it’s kind of a hefty price tag but I really wanted to have my high tea experience so I thought of it as an investment into my happiness. Well ask and ye shall receive, when talking to Ashley from @missgunner via Instagram, I ask her if she wanted to go to Sketch with me and turns out she was going the next day with another blogger friend. She asked if I could come and next thing I know I’m on my way to Sketch high tea yay!!

    When I decided to come to London I was perfectly fine not knowing anyone. But as I mentioned before my childhood friend ended up being out here and I actually had a few insta friends that I had never met in person. The beauty of blogging is that you can literally make friends around the world and I have. I know I keep mentioning it but I really don’t take it for granted, it has been the most rewarding aspect of this job for me. Ashley and I had chatted back and forth on Instagram a few times and because of her I ended up meeting our tea mates Andrea from @brasilnality and May from @maysbastoni. It was so amazing because boy did we all hit it off. For not meeting them ever before it was such a comfortable atmosphere, in fact we were so entertained we ended up staying at high tea for 5 hours! I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the clock.

    It’s such a blessing to have met these wonderful ladies! It’s crazy because I don’t really feel so out of my element here in London, it doesn’t feel foreign to me. I know part of that is because I’ve already spent time here but I think it’s also because I’m supposed to be here in this moment, it feels right.

    Ok but back to tea! What I really liked about Sketch was that it was more of a “hip” version of high tea, it didn’t feel stuffy or “upity”, it definitely had cool vibes. From the moment you walk in the decor is artistic and futuristic but mixed with a quirky sophistication. Basically at Sketch when you do the prefix menu is all “free refills” So you can order more of the same food and as much tea as you would like. I thought for sure those little sandwiches and cakes wouldn’t’ fill be up but boy did they! I can’t say I LOVED the food, it was ok but I’m pretty sure it was more for a British palette and I’m still not used to British food. But the scones…oh the scones. Little drops of heaven. They were so yummy, I should have put some in my purse to go, but you know, gotta keep it classy!

    Even though we decided not to drink I felt a little buzzed when we finally decided to leave. I think it was the combination of caffeine and sugar, my body was like WOAH! Before I finish my rant, I have to mention the bathroom. It was sooo cool.  Each stall is it’s own little pod, it looked like I had stepped into a space ship.

    I’m so glad I got my high tea experience and I couldn’t have asked for abetter one with moset lvoely ladies. I know I’m going to leave London with som many new friends and it seriously makes me smile from ear to ear.

    Wearing: Boohoo blouse, Boohoo dress, Zara boots



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