• Afro Tech With Uber Hue

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    There’s no question that diversity in the workplace is still an issue for many and often times one of the reasons is lack of resources for people of color. So you can understand how my eyes lit up in excitement the moment I walked into AfroTech and witnessed not only the hundreds of people of color involved/interested in the tech space but the companies that have made it a point to have representation.

    I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team at UberHue and the employees that work in the diversity and inclusion sector. First of all, I think it’s amazing that they even have a part of their company dedicated to diversity. Not only does it give them some accountability, but it allows people of color in the workspace to feel heard, because many times, as the minority in the bunch, they can feel under-represented in their needs.

    UberHue not only assures the people of color working for Uber have a safe space to communicate openly, but they also actively reach out to students of color to help guide them in the tech space. I love that they implement programs to help the future generation in the tech world and try to even the playing field by offering up knowledge and recruitment. If I was in college and wanted to enter the tech industry, I would be THRILLED if Uber came to my school for recruitment. It makes me so happy that there are companies out there that appreciate the value of a diverse community.

    AfroTech really opened up my eyes. It made me realize despite all our adversities as people of color, things are changing and representation in all areas is growing and that is so important. So happy to hear about Uber’s efforts for inclusion in the work space and even happier we got a chance to attend AfroTech with the team to see it all up close!



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      Love your outfit! Also try biker jacket. It looks great on you

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