• A Trip To The Grocery Store

    So it’s funny how you can go to an English speaking country and feel like such a foreigner. Sometimes I don’t even want to talk so people won’t know I’ve infiltrated their country. After Sunita left, I decided to go grocery shopping so I could cook some food for myself. There are a bunch of small local grocery stores around me but I was on the hunt for the big one. I found the Sainsbury’s near me and it was only a 10 minute walk. After dragging myself up to finally go, I made the walk and this time I got a better look at my neighborhood.

    I already knew my area was cute with local pubs and cafes but I didn’t walk beyond the tube station because I was with Sunita and didn’t want to subject her to walking around my neighborhood. Turns out my neighborhood is even cuter then I imaged! There are SO many more places to eat then I realized and more cute little cafes, banks (that I was actually looking for!) and the exact thing I needed, a large grocery store.

    As I walked by all the sites admiring all the shop windows I reach the Sainsbury’s. I wanted to get a shopping cart but saw that they were chained. I watched a women take one so then I tried and nothing. It wouldn’t budge. A man comes over, I thought he worked there but turns out he was getting a cart, and I asked him to help me, so he tries and nothing. Then he says, “Did you put money in?” I look at him like “Oh shit” then I realized it cost one pound to take a cart…. Fail.

    I went in to get change then realized the shopping baskets were free so I just took the path of least resistance and grabbed one. I don’t know why but I loved the set up of the grocery store it just seemed like everything was healthy and fresh (might be my bias since American food is so processed but it definitely just felt better for some reason) It’s also interesting that they have very few American brands in store, I mean why would they they are AMERICAN brands after all but I liked that I didn’t see all our crazy brands out there. And the ready made frozen food section was so tiny. They definitely aren’t eating a bunch of meals out of boxes, which I love.

    They do have a ready made food section but its freshly prepared food in the fridge not frozen in boxes. My mom was super health conscious growing up, both my parents were vegetarian with the exception of certain fish. So I grew up eating like a vegetarian. I probably only ate meat once or twice a week. So I really appreciate when I can find healthy foods and fresh produce in the grocery store. After I got everything I needed, I checked out and the women asked me a question that I totally didn’t understand and I looked like a lost puppy (I still don’t really know what she asked) and then she instantly knew I was an intruder! lol

    Overall I made it out alive to my first trip to the grocerry store. I made the most delicious meal that tasted SOOOOO amazing and I’m telling you I think its because they don’t put as much crap in their food as we do, everything taste sooo fresh. I’ll be sharing the recipe real soon!




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