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    Dec212012_8409_1I feel lucky to have grown up with a great mom because in this day and age something that seems so common just can’t be taken for granted. Being a mom is so much work, you shape the entire life of a human being. The things you teach them and most importantly show them by example form the essence of who the child is and what kind of person they will be when they become adults. Its a really heavy load and I give so much praise to those who are doing it right.

    One thing people tend to notice about me is that I always look to the positive  and that I seem fearless to do new things. This is all because of my mom. I would have never pursued art, singing, moving to Cali, working for myself if it weren’t for my moms support (both my parents support but it’s mother’s day so you get the point) She always instilled in me that whatever you put your mind to you can do, and to never let negative thoughts hold you back. And I try to remember that everyday. Because of my mom in my everyday life I try to express patience, empathy, love, kindness and positivity… adjectives that describe her perfectly.

    I was a bit of a fresh kid when I was younger, I would throw tantrums get mad, be super impatient (still working on that one) and my mom would just keep instilling these lessons in me even when I was too mad and young to really understand at the time. Those are the moments I look back on and and now completely understand what she meant. When you’re a kid you have moments when you feel like everything and one’s against you and you just can’t win. Had it not been for my mother, I would take these thoughts into adulthood. I now know that no one or thing can hold you back from what you want, if people seem to be against you look at the million other things that are FOR you and focus on that.

    I think about when it’s time for me to raise a child and even though I know it’s no time soon I’m excited to help mold the tiny mind with the lessons instilled in me. Motherhood is a cycle, what you give your child she in turn gives to her child because the one thing people don’t realize about being a mother is not that you are molding a mind but you are also teaching a young girl how to be a mother one day and if I’m anything like my momma I know I’ll be a great one!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. The downs of following your dreams means I don’t get to spend today with mine but I know one day if I keep working hard, I can return the favor and shower her with all the blessings she has given me.

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!



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