• A Duck And A Waffle

    Yesterday I said bye to Sunita as she caught her flight back to New York. It was so fun having her here to explore the city and shop! I thought I would be overwhelmed having a guest so soon after arriving to London but it actually gave me the perfect chance to get used to a new city with company! I think if I was alone in this beginning stage of my journey I would have been very lonely and homesick.

    On her last day we went shopping….again. I wonder if I’ll ever tire from shopping here. And then we headed to Picadilly Circus and listened to a street performer while the sun set. One YELP search later and we were having dinner at Duck & Waffle in Picadilly Circus. This place is so so good guys!  We had the Duck and Waffle (of course), Duck burger and Brussels sprouts. Everything was ridiculously good. I love using YELP to find places to eat especially when I’m in a new city. I seriously don’t know how I found places to eat before.

    We talked for hours and 4 drinks later (I had the “Duck and Stormy” cocktail which was sooooo good) we headed to a spot near by called Caffe Concerto that had the most amazing looking pastries in the window. I realized I hadn’t eaten any sweets since being here which is totally out of character for me. One apple crumble later and a coffee and a tea, we closed down the place and headed home.

    I had so much fun while Sunita was here and it was nice cause she didn’t really want to do any touristy things. Emily is coming tomorrow and I know she’s going to want to do all the touristy things so it really balanced itself out! We also have a trip to Amsterdam planned so I’m very excited for that!! Stay tuned!

    Wearing: Missguided coat, Bershka sweatshirt



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