• A Casual Day in Brixton

    We started off our day at breakfast  in a nearby area and after 5 breakfast in the UK I have to say America is wining in the breakfast game. Pretty sure I’m going straight to order pancakes and waffles as soon as I land back in the states. The Brits love peas which is my lest favorite vegetable so we are not on the same page there lol After breakfast we decided to head to Brixton for the afternoon.

    When I spent time in the UK years ago, I actually worked in Brixton. Everyday I would make the commute from North London to South London astonished at how different the two were. Brixton definitely felt more “city” like and there were so many people of color I loved it!

    I heard it had changed a lot and wanted to also visit Pop Brixton so Sunita and I took a trip there to check it out. I have to say, the neighborhood has changed ALOT since I last was here. Lets just say its very gentrified. But it definitely still has some flavor that you don’t see in other parts of London.

    Pop Brixton is a cool little spot with different food and drink vendors, places to sit and hang and they have events throughout the week. I’ll have to go back for a specific event but it was nice to check it out.

    We were freezing our buns off so after ordering a couple mulled wines, the cold and the wine hit us and we decided to head home. I felt like brick hit me, I was sooo tired. Oh yea, we did stop at the one pound store though, I was so excited they had that! I’m obsessed with the dollar store back home so naturally I went a little crazy and got some stuff for the apartment that I needed. I still didn’t have a sponge so I was able to find all those little things that make life easier and only for one pound each! Winning.

    We also stopped in TK Maxx which is so weird because it has the same logo and set up as TJ MAXX but it’s called TK MAxx for some reason. Pretty sure it has to be the same company or maybe they just modeled everything off of TJ MAXX but I was able to get a hat and gloves that I loved. I can’t believe I didn’t think I was going to need winter accessories here. The weather keeps saying it’s high 40’s low 50’s but it feels WAY colder to me. I would say its LA spoiling my but Sunita was cold too and she lives in NY. Not sure why 40’s feels so much colder here then back home.

    A quick stop to the falafel place close to my apartment and we were in for the night. I really have to get used to this cold or I am going to just stay in all the time. When did I become such a chicken when dealing with the cold????

    Wearing: Missguided coat, Zara sweatshirt, Zara fanny pack, Zara boots, Forever 21 leggings 




    1. Anonymous
      13th November 2017 / 10:32 am

      What happened to Sunita? Did I miss the rest of the story?

      • Enocha Tellus
        14th November 2017 / 1:25 am

        Its in the previous post

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