• 48 Hours in Miami: Art Basel

    Miami was a whirlwind of a trip, to travel there for only 2 days all the way from London was a bit crazy but how could I say not to the coolest job and the opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite people! Me, Sunita, and Emily got picked to work with a champagne brand Perrier Jouet during Art Basel this year along with Tezza who I just met for the first time and is the sweetest person EVER. It’s crazy because last year I said I wanted to attend Art Basel and here I am!

    I didn’t realize how much longer the flight is to go to Miami from London cause from Boston it was only 4.5 hours. After 13 hours of traveling. I arrived to Miami and the first thing that hit me was the heat! I always forget what real humidity feels like until I go to Florida or the Caribbean, it was definitely a shock to the system but it also felt so nice to be in warm weather.

    Sunita and Emily were so sweet and waited for me at the airport so we could Uber together to the hotel. We stayed at the Fountainblue hotel which is right on the beach. I didn’t realize how much Miami is like Vegas, I had only been to Miami as a child so needless to say I wasn’t partying. Our hotel was definitely a party hotel with day parties going on by the pool and nightclub and bar that was a packed at night. It had like 5 pools and was a very short walk from the beach.

    We headed to Soho house to have dinner on the first night. I’m so in love with the Soho house, it’s member only so I really need to make a friend with a membership so I can go to the one in LA or any of them as a matter of fact. Any takers?! As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we saw Michael B Jordan having dinner with his friend, he stopped Sunita to tell her he liked her hair to which she replied, “Wait, do I know you? You look familiar!” She thought she had worked with him at PF Changs!! He was so humble and just replied saying he doesn’t know, but I was like, “Sunita! That’s Michael B Jordan duh!” lol

    Wearing: Missguided top, Missguided bottoms (30% off with code ENOCHA30)

    After an amazing dinner we headed to the Perrier Jouet party. The theme was Eden and it was decorated with leaves everywhere and really cool patterned walls inspired by their hand painted bottles. I’m not a huge champagne drinker but I have to say it really was the best champagne I’ve ever had. It’s for sure going to be my go to celebratory drink! The event had light bites and of course never ending champagne. If you looked away for a second your glass was full again with bubbly. The waiters were on it! We also did a champagne tasting and ended the party watching a performance by Ellie Goulding.

    After the party was what else? The after party! We headed to Ora Nightclub where they had a table reserved for us and enjoyed some more bubbly. We left at 2am which is honestly when the party gets started in Miami, but we wanted to get some rest so we could squeeze in pool time the next day since our stay was so short.

    Sunita woke up bright and early at 7am to head to the pool but Emily I were not about that life, I wanted to wake up early but my body said no. So around 9am I headed down to meet the early bird. It was nice because it was fairly quiet by the pool in the morning. I’m sure some people were even just getting in from a night out that morning. I loved that it wasn’t too packed.

    Wearing: Missguided sheer kimono, Missguided sheer pants, ASOS crinkle black bikini top and bottom

    We then headed out to Design Miami to check out the Perrier Jouet installation and the other amazing architectural furniture pieces. I used to want to be an interior designer so needless to say I was in love with everything. We hadn’t eaten breakfast yet even though it was already 2pm by then, so we all decided to grab a bite at Bird and Bone. I had the kale salad cause I was craving greens but the girls got the hot chicken sandwich which looked amazing. All the food was delicious, I definitely recommend heading there if you’re ever in Miami.

    At last we finally had a little break from the day so we all just hung out in my room editing pictures and ordered a dessert tray of cookies, cheesecake and chocolate mouse. Dessert will forever be my weakness. Of course we had to pair it with some mink Moroccan tea. To be honest, at this point we were so exhausted it took everything in us to get ready for the night. Traveling is amazing but it really can be so draining on your body, especially when you don’t get much down time. After literally peeling ourselves out of my bed to get ready, we headed to meet the rest of the gang at The Market in the Edition hotel.

    Miami this whole trip was winning in the food department. This restaurant was out of this world. The food was beyond. With full bellies we headed to the last outing of the trip. The Perrier Jouet team had a table reserved at The Box. There was a lot of anticipation headed out there because some of the group had heard crazy stories about what happens here. I meant honestly my mouth dropped when I heard some of the stories. But you know YOLO, if we had the opportunity to see something crazy and skip the line of hundreds of people with drinks flowing all night I mean who would say no to that? Even the grannies in us had to go.

    So The Box is like a hybrid between a club and a show so in between performances the DJ plays the jams and then every so often they stop it for a few performances.We danced to great music and really enjoyed the shows. There were singers, dancers, burlesque type performances, a fire breather, a ballerina and so much more. It was like being at the most epic adult circus ever. I’m honestly so glad I dragged my butt out of bed to see it! We stayed at The Box until close to 3am and we heard the later it goes the crazier it gets but to be honest that night we didn’t see anything too shocking. It definitely has a sexual vibe but nothing we saw was over the top. To be honest we had the BEST time.

    After calling it a night, we headed back to the hotel and the next day we all caught our flights home. Well actually just me and Emily, everyone else decided to stay in Miami a few extra days which we actually were kicking ourselves about it afterwards. But honesty as much as I loved the change of scenery, I didn’t want to spend too much time away form London since I don’t have much time left on my short term lease. I want to enjoy the last few days of my stay before I head to Paris.

    But I’m not going to lie, I regretted it a tiny bit once I touch done in London only to find it was snowing. Like slushy, cold, ugly snow and they didn’t put salt on the ground so it was accumulating on the roads. But at least I came in at a good time where it didn’t delay my flight or anything. Cold and all, I’m ready to enjoy the last 10 days in London. It flew by!

    I had a blast in Miami and am currently recovering. As soon as my body hit the sheets I passed out. My granny butt got turnt the last two days. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed I was able to take this trip. What a year it has been!




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