• 4 Of The Best Workouts

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    Ok so I haven’t talked much about working out on my blog before, not because I don’t do it or enjoy it but because my life has been so crazy with surprises and moving around that I haven’t been able to stick to a routine.  Honestly, next year my plan is to seek stability, I’m ridding myself of all things unstable and focusing fully on my goals. One of them being getting back into and sticking to a workout routine. Got to put all my cute workout gear to good use! Lole Activewear has the cutest leggings.

    Here are my favorite workouts.

    Aerial Yoga:

    This is a serious full body workout. You end up working out muscles you didn’t even know you had. Overall it left me much leaner with increased upper body strength. This is actually one I can not wait to start up again. It’s a mix of a workout and literally circus tricks. I think I ended up finding a hidden talent I didn’t know I had!


    Not many places offer Les Mills classes. In fact the only place I know that does is the YMCA and 24 hour fitness. But 24 hour fitness can be sketchy or amazing depending on your neighborhood, same goes for the Y. But let me tell you, I LOVE body pump. It’s why I would choose a 24 hour fitness over even an Equinox (and I’ve had a membership at both). Its a full class of strength training lifting weights and targeting each muscle group. When I was doing this consistently my body was in the best shape probably ever. And I didn’t get bulky I got lean.

    Turbo Kick:

    Sadly I see this class less and less but I guess any kick boxing class can suffice. Turbo Kick is literally what it sounds like, Turbo kickboxing. Its a cardio kickboxing class where you follow a routine, then there are spurts of “Turbo Rounds” where you basically go HAM. Its a great way to sweat and lose of lbs.


    Lets discuss my obsession with boxing. Sometimes you just need to punch something. And you’d be surprised how punching something can turn into a total body workout, and therapy at the same time. I still have my pink gloves ready to start up again!

    I’m not making it a resolution to start a workout routine. I’m making it a plan….What’s your favorite workout? Maybe I’ll try it 😉



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