• 20 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your Twenties

    As I’m zipping through my twenties there are some serious lessons I’ve come to learn. Some I luckily learned before making the mistake but most resulting in learning through failure, but I think that’s the best more effective way to learn anyway. If you know how it feels to get something wrong then you can learn the right thing and avoid feeling that way again.

    2015Jan03_melody ehsani for reebok_7580

    So I’ll rename this piece I found on the internet to 20 Mistakes You Should Learn From in Your 20’s because lets face it, mistakes will be made. Cest Lavie!

    20. Working for money, not building you dreams

    19. Thinking that this is the right time to fall in love

    18. Trying to act like the (wo)man other than becoming one

    17. Making friends instead of earning trust

    16. Not caring because- YOLO

    15. Making on your wants, needs

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