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    Wishing this top read, “1987” (the year I was actually born) but truthfully I was only 3 when the 90’s hit so that’s the epitome of my childhood. And let me tell you, the 90’s was the best decade ever. Music, TV, Movies…but it’s funny that fashion wouldn’t be on my list for the 90’s but it is the last decade of semi-original fashion. Everything moving forward seems to just be recycled from the other iconic decades before us. I am so glad to grow up in the last era of no computers in the house, kids playing outside, no cell phones, etc. Most important the 90’s shaped my love for music cause you can not beat some 90’s jams!!

    Wearing: NA-KD 1990 t-shirt (they have other years too), NA-KD lace up bomber jacket, Zara pencil skirt (old) Akira boots



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