• 18 Things To Never Say To A Bostonian

    boston-skylineAs I’m gearing up to the leave for the West Coast today, I thought this was very appropriate to post as a Bostonian. I pretty much get 90% of these questions when I leave my city and I’m prepping myself for a new round of them when I get back to LA. Although this winter was extremely brutal for me (I officially lost my tolerance for the cold) I can’t help but know I’ll miss this place a little bit. I made a goal for myself when I came home and I’m happy to say I accomplished it, I focused on my music and finished writing my album and now on to recording it and all the madness that will follow. I’m most excited for LA this time around because I’m finally doing what I love. I really really can’t wait for you all to hear what I’ve been up to, I feel like I keep talking about it but it still remains a mystery, but soon my loves! Stay up on my Instagram for my new adventures cause it’s going to be craytastic.

    Bye Boston, see ya lata!

    18 Things to Never Say to a Bostonian…check it out HERE

    p.s. So funny that I randomly chose this pic because I used to work on that boat pictured on the far right 😉





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