• 15 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone

    20140702_locks-and-trinkets_5734Um, this is profound. Sometimes you can get stuck making decisions trying to please everyone or feeling an obligation to explain said decisions. And many times you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Ever been there? Think about the decisions you would make if you had not a care in the world about another’s opinion on the matter. I’m sure we would do a lot more to please ourselves and move ourselves forward in this world.

    This is especially perplexing to me when we choose to make decisions for ourselves that don’t affect anyone else. Why do we sometimes think we need to explain ourselves? Does it work for you in the moment? Is it making you happy? Then it doesn’t matter what other people think. And in the end people really are just plain nosey. The way I usually nip prying eyes, ears, and mouths out of by business is the quick one word answers with not explanation to follow. Or a simple, “because I want to” or “because it works for me” People get taken aback by you giving them no wiggle room and tend to back off.

    But be careful that you’re not over explaining your actions because you’re not entirely comfortable with them and that is your way of justifying it. If you are comfortable with what you are doing then you will feel less of a need to explain why to anyone else.

    Read 15 Things You Dont Owe Anyone HERE and I bet you’ll have the same reaction as me. (which basically was “Yeaaa, I really don’t owe anyone an explanation for that!! Bye Girl.”)





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