• 100 Happy Days Update

    Enocha1-011Ok, so I’m not gonna lie, I kinda fell of with 100 Happy Days and when I first started I didn’t even keep track of the number. Sooo I started over. I’m currently on day 18 and it’s harder then you think to consciously realize the things in your day that make you happy. Makes me think it’s kinda sad that it’s so much easier to remember the annoying or not so good things in my day more then than things that made me happy.

    But doing this is actually putting a stamp in my memory of what makes me happy. Like the other day when I watched Kevin Hart on Netflix  for 4 hours straight and was dying laughing the entire time! Do you know what it feels like to laugh for 4 hours straight? It was the greatest feeling. There I am all alone and just laughing out loud in my room. Loved it! And I’m not so sure I would’ve sat and really thought about the happiness it brought me had I not been doing this “challenge.” Even just thinking about that day right now is making me happy. 🙂

    So here’s to 82 days left of happiness, then a lifetime to follow. xo


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